Why am I, a Girl-Child shy to talk to others?

Krystal Joseph - Am I shy ?

Yesterday, I had gone for a class and I was very shy with my Soumya aunty who was teaching me. She was a family relative yet I was too shy to talk to her.

Some weeks before, I had gone to collect my result card to my school. My class teacher told my parents, I don’t talk to my teacher.

She also said I talked a lot to my friends but I never come to her if there is a reason to express.

Also a few weeks back, I had gone to Dandeli forest with my father’s Israeli Krav Maga Self Defence Academy members.

There my father told me not to be shy and speak boldly to everyone. But there I controlled my shyness a little and talked to some of them sometimes.

Why am I, a girl-child shy with people?

  1. Maybe I do not know what subject to talk to them about …
  2. Sometimes I also feel what would they think about me …
  3. Since it was not my house, I was not comfortable to talk …

How can I change this?

Same as girl-children, even boy-children are also shy. I will have to find reasons to talk to my teachers. Maybe to talk about something in our mind, for example, sometimes I wish my teacher on her birthday or any other day. But I need to talk to them more than just a few days.

Usually, I worry about what will people think about me, if I say something that they would not like to talk about. So maybe I need to ask them what they want to talk about and I will talk to them about that.

And finally, I will have to think that why should I feel shy, when it is my school classroom or my relative’s house or any other place. It’s my mind that will make me feel comfortable no matter where ever you are.

How does talking matter in Girl-Child Safety?

My father always says that I must not be shy when something bad is happening with me especially with known people. He just asked me if I am shy in front of my teacher, aunty and some other adults, how can I speak up for my safety?

So I answered, if they are doing any bad thing with me I will shout and not be afraid or shy. But if even then I am still shy or afraid, I will forget all the fear and shyness inside me and scream and fight back with all my energy for my safety.

How did I change being afraid of my parents into being a friend with my parents?

Previously I was very very scared of my parents, I used to keep looking at his/her angry face and angry eyes and be frozen in fear!!! But presently, I understood if I talk to my parents, without being frozen or scared, I will get the solution for my problems.

The parents also must change the way they treat their children, by listening to the children’s problems and issues.

You must tell your parents that you need to speak a serious matter with them and they must not scold or get crazy after listening to that.

They can advise the children but too many angry comments are not good for the health and relationship.

Instead of shouting or scolding, the fastest way to understanding the problem of your children is only through talking to each other.

Allow your parents to make mistakes and you should forgive them. I do… sometimes. 😉

Krystal Joseph