Is being different or asking for respect too much?

Krystal Joseph - Ask for Respect

I have a few friends near my house. Some of my friends, do not like the way I am. They want me to listen and do what they want all the time. They never listen to me. They always me to sacrifice for them, but they never sacrifice for me.

Being Different

They also make fun of the way I behave or act. I like being funny and make people laugh with funny faces or gestures. Some of my friends call me ‘different’ from them and ‘they do not like me’ because I am different.

I love being different from anybody else. It makes me feel special. Because, I am a special girl, I feel I get more love from my family and relatives.

Being special is something that I learned from my parents.

My father is specialist in girl safety empowerment which is very different job for a man to do. He married a divorcee and adopted me as a his daughter which is also a rare thing to do.

My mother also did a very different thing by going through divorce which many women in India are afraid to do. She was not getting respect and freedom and was afraid for my future.

Asking for respect

One day, it was my friends mother birthday. She told me to draw a cartoon. I drew it and gave it to her in the evening.

Then I heard, my friend telling to her mother, she drew this cartoon for her. I asked her why she lied to her mother about the cartoon drawing, when I made it with all my hard work.

She replied, the cartoon was given to me, so its her choice what she does with it. I felt very very bad to be used by her.

I believe we can trust the people who give us respect.

My father created this website for me, so that I can share and talk about things that happen with my life. This shows respect as my words are important.

My mother also thought about my freedom and future respect and took a difficult decision to get divorced.

Girl-child : Respect and being Different

Many girl-children are not getting respect and are not allowed to be different. Boys are allowed to be different and people respect them too. Girls do not get respect, as people think girls are very weak and they cannot do anything. Some people want girls to listen and do what they say. That why girls do not get respect.

As boys can go out and play in the sun, the girls are told to sit at home and not go out as they will become black. They not told to run or climb like the boys. They want girls to sit at home and do household work all day and make babies. They are told not to be different.

I believe girls must be different and get respect. Girls must fight for respect and being different to be free. I want to grow up to be a scientist and be respected as a strong, smart girl who does 40 push-up at the age of 11 .

Krystal Joseph