Arvind Mills – Krystal first Kannada Corporate Self Defense Workshop

Arvind Mills, Bengaluru Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop We (Guru-ji Franklin Joseph & me Krystal Joseph) conducted this Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop for the women factory workers of Arvind Mills in Bangalore. Talking in Kannada (Karnataka’s native language) has always been a challenge. I can speak Kannada well enough for general communication, but grammatically, I am not as fluent. So, when we had to do the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop purely in Kannada, I was caught in ambivalence. As my father was born and brought up in Delhi, the job of conducting the workshop purely in Kannada fell on my shoulders. I was ecstatic because I was entitled to be the lead speaker in the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop; yet at the same time, I was not very confident about the dialect and grammar of Kannada. So, the whole Read More

Balance between big sister & teacher in

Need Base India Rainbow Home, Bengaluru Girl Safety Empowerment & Military Girl Self Defense Education Workshop Teaching young girls is always a challenge as well as a learning experience. Kids get distracted easily and it becomes a fun challenge to keep their eyes on you as well as make them understand what you are teaching. I got a chance to work on this skill in Need Base India Rainbow Home, Bengaluru. I started the session with a short introduction about myself followed by a story. I told them the story of my first pushup and how hard it was for me in the beginning and my gradual improvement to doing 40 pushups. My father, Guru-ji Franklin Joseph told me to do a pushup as a demonstration of what I was talking about. One of the reasons why I think it is important to demonstrate me doing a push up Read More Intro session with Indian Railways

“This was my first workshop where I spoke alone, it was hard and challenging, but it taught how to face my fear of public speaking. The introductory workshop was conducted by Evolve Lives Foundation, who’s head Mrs Ottilie Kumar Anban, was invited as a chief guest by South West Railways, Hubballi Division on the occasion of International Women Day, March 8th 2020. My father, Mr Franklin Joseph, Mrs Ottilie Kumar & I, Krystal Joseph were invited on the stage by the hostess & her team. We were felicitated with flowers and gifts for volunteering our time to teach the women about safety and self-defence in the workshop. The session started with Mrs Ottilie Kumar sharing psychological positive wellness aspects of this workshop. Then, my father, a specialist in Krav Maga Self Defense tactics explained the importance of women safety in today’s world. I took the stage to start educating the Read More

Is Krystal Joseph weak being a girl-child?

I was practising Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense with my father. My father’s 20 years old student joined us for training. Father told me to punch on the student’s stomach. I became very shy to punch on his stomach. When do I become shy? When I meet my friends after many days, I become shy! Whenever I meet my uncle, I become shy! When I have to talk to strangers When somebody praises me Is shyness being weak? I used to think only unknown people are bad. My father told me when children are hurt from adults, more known people (family relatives, neighbours and friends) are being bad to these children. If children are shy all the time, they will not be able to saw ‘No’ to these bad people. So, being shy sometimes is good and sometimes bad. So children must be taught in school and home about good Read More

“Be confident & tough” Krystal Joseph

On 30 October, 2013, I was doing Krav Maga training with my father Franklin Joseph who is a teacher in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense. I was doing ‘Hand Release’ tactics with my father where he acted like a bad person holding my hand on the street and I am supposed to release the hand and run away. He was holding my hand very tightly so it pained a lot. It was getting harder and harder for me to release my hand repeatedly as I had to release it 30 times. So during practice and after the class, my hands pained a lot and they turned red as a tomato. I felt like crying also. After the training, I put ice packs on my hand to recover from the redness and the pain. After 20 minutes, I checked my hand and I was happy to see my hands recovering. It Read More