Is Krystal Joseph weak being a girl-child?

Krystal Joseph - Am I Weak?

I was practising Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense with my father. My father’s 20 years old student joined us for training. Father told me to punch on the student’s stomach. I became very shy to punch on his stomach.

When do I become shy?

  • When I meet my friends after many days, I become shy!
  • Whenever I meet my uncle, I become shy!
  • When I have to talk to strangers
  • When somebody praises me

Is shyness being weak?

I used to think only unknown people are bad.

My father told me when children are hurt from adults, more known people (family relatives, neighbours and friends) are being bad to these children. If children are shy all the time, they will not be able to saw ‘No’ to these bad people.

So, being shy sometimes is good and sometimes bad. So children must be taught in school and home about good touch and bad touch, when to be bold, whereto be alert, when to be strong, etc.

Are all known people bad?

No, not all of them. But they are bad when:-

  • People ask us to meet them alone
  • People ask us to go with them without parents present or permission
  • People ask us to remove our clothes
  • People ask us to touch in private areas etc.

Coming back to the day where I was shy to punch, I started punching very slow, Because his (student) shirt was very rough, and my hand would rub against his shirt when I punched, it used to turn red and it pained also. My father instructed me to punch harder. When I punched harder, the reaction on the student face was painful and shocked!!

I felt very good and happy!

I was surprised that I am so younger and smaller than the student but I still could punch so hard that he could not bear it. I felt powerful also, Being a girl-child, I am very proud of being a strong girl and having a website learning and sharing my ideas.

I put ice on my hands for few minutes and after sometimes the pain went away But my smile and confidence stayed with me.