About Krystal Joseph

Youngest Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor, Karnataka  & Youth President of ‘iTeachiPower.in‘ campaign. Call @ 9886769281 to conduct Girl Child & Women Safety & Self Defence Workshops.

My father Franklin Joseph who is a specialist in women & girl-child safety awareness empowerment has created this website called Krystal Joseph.com.

Through this website, I want to share, listen, learn from other girl-child who is shy and thinking they are weak.

In this website, I am writing about my problems as a girl-child against boys in my school and how I try to solve it.

My father helps in editing, hosting & promoting of this website but the post-writing part is mostly done by me.

I hope to give a platform for other girls to write about the problems they face being a girl-child and maybe through speaking out, they can fight their fears.

P.S. Hi all, my name is Franklin Joseph, the father. My aim is to in-directly or directly educate Krystal about her strengths being a growing girl-child and the pot-holes she must watch out for during this growth. I help her build the skeleton of the article but most of the content is written by her in her diary. Yet, it’s difficult for a girl her age to focus on the hard task of creating website content every week, as is caught up with her studies and more interested in playing, TV and friends. Please guide her and encourage her to learn more and do forgive her if she writes anything that might offend anyone.

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