Arvind Mills – Krystal first Kannada Corporate Self Defense Workshop

Krystal Joseph Arvind Workshop

Arvind Mills, Bengaluru

Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop

We (Guru-ji Franklin Joseph & me Krystal Joseph) conducted this Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop for the women factory workers of Arvind Mills in Bangalore.

Talking in Kannada (Karnataka’s native language) has always been a challenge. I can speak Kannada well enough for general communication, but grammatically, I am not as fluent. So, when we had to do the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop purely in Kannada, I was caught in ambivalence. As my father was born and brought up in Delhi, the job of conducting the workshop purely in Kannada fell on my shoulders. I was ecstatic because I was entitled to be the lead speaker in the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop; yet at the same time, I was not very confident about the dialect and grammar of Kannada. So, the whole evening, I sat with my mother and practised the session, focusing on my Kannada grammar and dialect.

Since this Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop was organised and powered by our partner, Deffendo, headed by Ms Rewa Purohit and Ms Sreshta Pothula, Ms Rewa joined the workshop in person for the first time. My first impression of Ms Rewa was that I was in awe that, at such a young age, she was working to empower and educate young girls and women against crime. I felt blessed to have found a partner like them who is committed to their work and found time out of her busy school schedule to organise this workshop.

Based on my previous workshops (both & Power To Women Corporate Self Defense) experiences, l have seen women who are introverted in public speaking, especially about this sensitive subject, and women who are happy to answer questions and ready on their feet. As a lead speaker/specialist, part of my job is to observe women participants who were apprehensive & encourage them to share. So, sometimes when I handed these women the microphone to speak up, they leaned away from the microphone. As a teacher, I mainly focus on the ones who are a little shy and try to make them comfortable and give them opportunities to speak. Halfway through the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop, I noticed this change. The women had become more interactive and were answering questions based on the knowledge we were giving them. They became so comfortable & kind enough that they were educating me and correcting my Kannada dialect :).

When the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense workshop ended, we asked the participants for their feedback. The general feedback was that this kind of women self defence workshop was very important for working women, especially those who were working in mills. The participants were very appreciative of the transformation they underwent and were able to speak about problems and issues which they had kept silent throughout their lives.

Click ‘Arvind Mills – Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop‘ to read about the workshop professional feedback from Ms. Krystal Joseph – CEO / Specialist,

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