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Why am I, a Girl-Child shy to talk to others?

Yesterday, I, Krystal Joseph had gone for a class and I was very shy with my Soumya aunty who was teaching me. She was a family relative yet I was too shy to talk to her. Some weeks before, I had gone to collect my result card to my school. My class teacher told my parents, I don’t talk to my teacher. She also said I talked a lot to my friends but I never come to her if there is a reason to express. Also a few weeks back, I had gone to Dandeli forest with my father’s Israeli Krav Maga Self Defence Academy members. There my father told me not to be shy and speak boldly to everyone. But there I controlled my shyness a little and talked to some of them sometimes. Why am I, a girl-child shy with people? Maybe I do not know what subject Read More