“Try, Try But Don’t Cry…” Krystal Joseph

Krystal Joseph - Try Try but don't cry

My name is Krystal Joseph, age 11 years old. My father Franklin Joseph has opened a website called Krystal Joseph.com. Through this website, I want to share, listen, learn from other girl-child who are shy and thinking they are weak. In this website, I am writing about my problems as a girl-child against boys in my school and how I try to solved it.

There were two boys sitting beside me in my class. There were three children sit on one bench. They used to keep their bags on the bench which was not allowed by the teacher. Teacher would always tell to keep one text book on the bench but they always kept two or more books. While we will be writing, they were putting there elbows on my book so I could not write properly and my class period would get over.

I always ask them to give me some place to sit but they do not listen to me. They always push me from the bench and I used to fall down. I also tried to talk but they did not listen to me. I even shouted at them and sometimes I beat them. And when I used to beat them, they would tease me and call me ‘Minny Minny Minny…’. I think I was beating them little slowly.

Then I became very angry and I beat them very hard. They gave me place to sit for only one day. Then the next day, they did not gave me place to sit.

So, I told to my class teacher, she scolded the boys and they gave me place to sit. Some days later, my class teacher changed the boys place and I sat with my best friend and she gave me place to sit.

What did I learn from this?

Try, try but don’t cry.

I cried because I used to sit at the edge of my chair so my legs were paining all day and I slipped down few times, due to lack of space on the bench as the boys used to keep the bag behind me. Then I tried to talked to them but they did not listen to me. I shouted at them, I also beat them but still they did not listen to me.

I was shy to tell my class teacher about my problem.

So I told my parents, and they told me to overcome my shyness.

Next day, I sat on my bench thinking today, I will tell my teacher about my problem. I stood up to go to my teacher, then I became shy, so I sat down. Then I went half the way, and I came back and sat down. I was not sweating but my heart was beating very fast. Then I counted 1, 2, 3… still I did not go.

Then, again I counted 1, 2, 3… and walked to my teacher and told her.

But if I was shy to go to the teacher and tell my problem, I would not be able to solve my problem. Good, I worked on my change!

Krystal JOSEPH