Do my parents love me being a girl-child?

Krystal Joseph - My parents love me as a girl child

My name is Krystal Joseph – a girl-child living in Dharwad, Karnataka. These are my thoughts along with my father Franklin Joseph suggestions on girl-child safety empowerment.

I have heard that some parents are not happy having a girl-child. But as soon as they get a boy-child they will be so happy, making feast, busting crackers, giving sweets etc. But for a girl-child, nothing is done to celebrate her birth.

Coming back to the question, do my parents love me being a girl-child? Yes, my parents love me being a girl-child.

My Father

My father came all the way from Delhi to Dharwad, just to see me. He saw me and my mother in the computer on a marriage website.

The first time he met me, I was fast asleep. My father was looking at me, wishing to hug me but since I was fast asleep, he did not disturb me.

Next day, me, my father and my mother met again. This time, I was awake but scared & shy wondering who this man is? I kept staring at him, but could not speak with him as I did not speak Hindi or English language. So I kept being shy and smiling all the time.

You must be wondering that how did I get born before my mother and father got married? Right? I am a daughter from my mother’s first marriage.

My father’s father was not very happy his son marring a divorcee and having a daughter. So, after marriage, my father shifted all the way from Delhi to Dharwad to be with me and my mother.

My father also created this website to help talk to me about many issues about girl-child and safety for girls.

My Mother

My mother gives me full freedom, to play outdoors, to enjoy running & climbing walls, tress or going for picnics, outdoor adventure camps etc.

I have heard many mothers do not allow girl-child to go out and play outdoors since their skin will turn black and they will not get married. I believe a girl should be sporty and should have physical activities as same as the boy.

My mother encourages me to buy books how much ever costly they are. Sometimes, I buy it with my pocket money also that I make by doing my chores. I believe book are important for girls because it will help them to learn more, and be creative etc. Books helps girls in the future as a educated mother help children to read and write and be educated.

I will share one interesting dangerous story. Once, when we went to Dandeli with my family and my father’s students, to do rafting on the Kali river. We were rafting near a small fall with rapids (water waves in the river that happens over rocks).

But suddenly when we went too close to the falls, the raft toppled and fell into the river, caught by the waves but I was caught under the upside down raft. I held on to the ropes of the raft. My mother was crying and shouting my name continuously very loudly.

We were wearing life jackets so we were safe, but since it was a first time rafting experience for us,we were a little scared. Then we were saved by another group of rafters.

When we got out of the water, everyone was praising me because I was not panicking that much even though I was scared. I did cry after I got rescued.

My parents

My parents talk to me as a grown-up child more and give me freedom to choose. Why talking is important for a girl-child ? Because, she can choose her own future with her own decisions.


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  1. Dear Krystal,

    thanks for putting this lovely story. I would encourage you to write as many as you can

    It surely will help all the mothers to educate their child by telling your stories.

    May God Bless You.. You and your father are doing indeed a great job!


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