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Google Women Techmakers Learn Krav Maga (Part 2)

Please read Part 1 of 2 – Google Women Techmakers Learn Krav Maga in website. Continued… Part 2 of 2 Me, Ms. Krystal Joseph & Ms. Priya (one of my father senior members of his Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy, Bengaluru) in our Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop for Google Cloud’s Women Techmakers and entrepreneurs came across some girls/women who were so scared when we mentioned we were going to teach them Krav Maga Israeli Military Self defense, that they started walking backwards. We (Krystal & Priya) were not 6 feet tall muscular men but we were nearly the same size, age and body structure as most of these women. So why were they so scared? In our experience, most of these girls were not confident about their physical structure i.e., they believe they are not strong enough or have the physical size, strength or Read More

Arvind Mills – Kannada Corporate Self Defense Workshop

Arvind Mills, Bengaluru Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop We (Guru-ji Franklin Joseph, CEO – Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science & me, Krystal Joseph – Social Entrepreneur, Krav Maga Specialist & CEO of ‘Girl Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girls’ Instructor Workshop for School & Colleges) conducted this Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop for the women factory workers of Arvind Mills in Bangalore. Speaking in Kannada (Karnataka’s native language) has always been difficult. I can communicate in Kannada well enough for general purposes, but I am not as fluent grammatically. So, when we had to do the Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop entirely in Kannada, I felt conflicted. Because my father was born and raised in Delhi, the task of conducting the workshop entirely in Kannada fell entirely on my shoulders. I was overjoyed because I had been chosen Read More

Balance between big sister & teacher in

Need Base India Rainbow Home, Bengaluru ‘Girl Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girls’ Instructor Workshop for School & Colleges Teaching young girls is always a challenge as well as a learning experience. Kids get distracted easily and it becomes a fun challenge to keep their eyes on you as well as make them understand what you are teaching. I got a chance to work on this skill in Need Base India Rainbow Home, Bengaluru. I, Krystal Joseph, Social Entrepreneur, Specialist & CEO of ‘Girl Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girls’ Instructor Workshop for School & Colleges, started the session with a short introduction about myself followed by a story. I told them the story of my first pushup and how hard it was for me in the beginning and my gradual improvement to doing 40 pushups. My father, Guru-ji Franklin Joseph told me to do a pushup as Read More

My first solo workshop with girls

Baale Mane, Gopalapura ‘Girl Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girls’ Instructor Workshop for School & Colleges It is important to start somewhere. I started my journey as a solo instructor/mentor with ‘Girl Empower, Mentor, Lead & Educate Girls’ Instructor Workshop for School & Colleges through an online workshop with the Baale Mane, a non-profit organisation in Gopalapura. It was my first solo workshop because my dad Mr. Franklin Joseph was in Bengaluru taking his Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense classes. Despite taking many Krav Maga Israeli Military Self Defense classes in the past, I was a little nervous starting out, since this was the first time I was the teacher and mentor for a group of teens and kids. My syllabus and my years of training told me what I needed to teach. But at the beginning, I was a bit concerned that the girls might not enjoy Read More

Is being different or asking for respect too much?

I, Krystal Joseph have a few friends near my house. Some of my friends, do not like the way I am. They want me to listen and do what they want all the time. They never listen to me. They always me to sacrifice for them, but they never sacrifice for me. Being Different They also make fun of the way I behave or act. I like being funny and make people laugh with funny faces or gestures. Some of my friends call me ‘different’ from them and ‘they do not like me’ because I am different. I love being different from anybody else. It makes me feel special. Because, I am a special girl, I feel I get more love from my family and relatives. Being special is something that I learned from my parents. My father is specialist in girl safety empowerment which is very different job for Read More

Why am I, a Girl-Child shy to talk to others?

Yesterday, I, Krystal Joseph had gone for a class and I was very shy with my Soumya aunty who was teaching me. She was a family relative yet I was too shy to talk to her. Some weeks before, I had gone to collect my result card to my school. My class teacher told my parents, I don’t talk to my teacher. She also said I talked a lot to my friends but I never come to her if there is a reason to express. Also a few weeks back, I had gone to Dandeli forest with my father’s Israeli Krav Maga Self Defence Academy members. There my father told me not to be shy and speak boldly to everyone. But there I controlled my shyness a little and talked to some of them sometimes. Why am I, a girl-child shy with people? Maybe I do not know what subject Read More

Do my parents love me being a girl-child?

My name is Krystal Joseph – a girl-child living in Dharwad, Karnataka. These are my thoughts along with my father Franklin Joseph suggestions on girl-child safety empowerment. I have heard that some parents are not happy having a girl-child. But as soon as they get a boy-child they will be so happy, making feast, busting crackers, giving sweets etc. But for a girl-child, nothing is done to celebrate her birth. Coming back to the question, do my parents love me being a girl-child? Yes, my parents love me being a girl-child. My Father My father came all the way from Delhi to Dharwad, just to see me. He saw me and my mother in the computer on a marriage website. The first time he met me, I was fast asleep. My father was looking at me, wishing to hug me but since I was fast asleep, he did not disturb Read More

Is Krystal Joseph weak being a girl-child?

I, Krystal Joseph was practising Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense with my father. My father’s 20 years old student joined us for training. Father told me to punch on the student’s stomach. I became very shy to punch on his stomach. When do I become shy? When I meet my friends after many days, I become shy! Whenever I meet my uncle, I become shy! When I have to talk to strangers When somebody praises me Is shyness being weak? I used to think only unknown people are bad. My father told me when children are hurt from adults, more known people (family relatives, neighbours and friends) are being bad to these children. If children are shy all the time, they will not be able to saw ‘No’ to these bad people. So, being shy sometimes is good and sometimes bad. So children must be taught in school and home Read More

“Be confident & tough” Krystal Joseph

On 30 October, 2013, I, Krystal Joseph was doing Krav Maga training with my father Franklin Joseph who is a teacher in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense. I was doing ‘Hand Release’ tactics with my father where he acted like a bad person holding my hand on the street and I am supposed to release the hand and run away. He was holding my hand very tightly so it pained a lot. It was getting harder and harder for me to release my hand repeatedly as I had to release it 30 times. So during practice and after the class, my hands pained a lot and they turned red as a tomato. I felt like crying also. After the training, I put ice packs on my hand to recover from the redness and the pain. After 20 minutes, I checked my hand and I was happy to see my hands Read More

“Try, Try But Don’t Cry…” Krystal Joseph

My name is Krystal Joseph, age 11 years old. My father Franklin Joseph has opened a website called Krystal Through this website, I want to share, listen, learn from other girl-child who are shy and thinking they are weak. In this website, I am writing about my problems as a girl-child against boys in my school and how I try to solved it. There were two boys sitting beside me in my class. There were three children sit on one bench. They used to keep their bags on the bench which was not allowed by the teacher. Teacher would always tell to keep one text book on the bench but they always kept two or more books. While we will be writing, they were putting there elbows on my book so I could not write properly and my class period would get over. I always ask them to give Read More