Intro session with Indian Railways

Krystal Joseph Indian Railways

“This was my first workshop where I spoke alone, it was hard and challenging, but it taught how to face my fear of public speaking. The introductory workshop was conducted by Evolve Lives Foundation, who’s head Mrs Ottilie Kumar Anban, was invited as a chief guest by South West Railways, Hubballi Division on the occasion of International Women Day, March 8th 2020.

My father, Mr Franklin Joseph, Mrs Ottilie Kumar & I, Krystal Joseph were invited on the stage by the hostess & her team. We were felicitated with flowers and gifts for volunteering our time to teach the women about safety and self-defence in the workshop. The session started with Mrs Ottilie Kumar sharing psychological positive wellness aspects of this workshop. Then, my father, a specialist in Krav Maga Self Defense tactics explained the importance of women safety in today’s world.

I took the stage to start educating the women on various Krav Maga Self Defence tactics and covered topics like hand grab releases from the front, single and double hand grab releases etc.

As it was my first time speaking alone in front of an audience, I was super nervous. I constantly kept thinking about what I should say or if my posture was confident or how the people would react to me etc. When the audience was looking at me, the first thought that came to my mind was, ‘Oh my god those are a lot of eyeballs looking at me!’.

Slowly my nervous, stammering words converted into confident, knowledgeable sentences based on the women’s interaction with the workshop. Their laughter and smiles showed that they were taking interest in the workshop and their mindset transformed from an insecure mind into a warrior mindset.

I also shared a personal story about how boys in my college usually perceive a girl & the complicated mindset it creates. My father, Franklin Joseph & Ottilie Kumar Anban also shared their psychological insights based on my story.

We played a game where a girl resisted more than 5 girls pushing her into a wall. The game showed the women their strength which they never realised they had. That very realisation was the core change of mindset the workshop was focused on.

Looking back at this experience, I learnt that I have to work on some small issues of my public speaking. I have realised that in spite of being the youngest girl in the room, the knowledge I have had showed me that I have a warrior mindset from training Krav Maga Self Defense.