“Be confident & tough” Krystal Joseph

Krystal Joseph - Be Confident & Tough

On 30 October, 2013, I was doing Krav Maga training with my father Franklin Joseph who is a teacher in Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense. I was doing ‘Hand Release’ tactics with my father where he acted like a bad person holding my hand on the street and I am supposed to release the hand and run away.

He was holding my hand very tightly so it pained a lot. It was getting harder and harder for me to release my hand repeatedly as I had to release it 30 times. So during practice and after the class, my hands pained a lot and they turned red as a tomato. I felt like crying also.

After the training, I put ice packs on my hand to recover from the redness and the pain. After 20 minutes, I checked my hand and I was happy to see my hands recovering. It was not as bad as I thought.

While I kept the ice pack on my hand, I was thinking that my father held my hand 30 times, but still I could release them all, that was surprising because sometimes I gave up and I lost my confidence. But here, I am… confident and not so weak.

Why does my father want to make me strong?

My father gives me this tough training because he wants me to be strong and handle any pain. The boys tease girls because they think some girls are weak and are not physically strong enough to face their problems.

He wants to make me strong because when I will be in a problem, I can face it and get out of that problem.

When my father was holding my hands, it pained a lot. I wanted my father to hold my hand a little loose. I wanted to tell my father to give me 2 minutes break for my hands to rest.

But he was shouting continuously – “Release the hand, don’t give up” whenever I stopped for a minute.

  • When a man in the street might grab my hand, he will not hold it loose, he will hold it very tight so I cannot escape him.
  • If I don’t release as soon as they hold my hand, I might get into a big trouble.
  • If I ask him for a break, do you think he would give me a break?
  • The man will think I am a small girl, but he does not know I train hard enough to escape this hand grab problem.

I learned that we girls must not loose our confidence especially when the time is tough, evil loses, brave heart wins.


3 thoughts on ““Be confident & tough” Krystal Joseph

  1. Really a good thought to make young girls stronger so that they can handle any kind of situation and come out safer. Having the knowledge of different tactics of escaping ourselves will definitely help long way in our life. thanks for this.

  2. Hi Krystal …
    you’re really a great kid, at a very young age, you have a child who motivated the others and also to myself.
    I have a daughter just like you.
    maybe she does not like you that can give encouragement and be a motivator for others, but she makes me proud with her melodious voice, because she’s good at singing.
    Keep writing Krystal, many girls and women who need motivation in his life.
    your parents must be very proud of you.Love u…..

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