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Google Women Techmakers Learn Krav Maga (Part 2)

Please read Part 1 of 2 – Google Women Techmakers Learn Krav Maga in website. Continued… Part 2 of 2 Me, Ms. Krystal Joseph & Ms. Priya (one of my father senior members of his Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy, Bengaluru) in our Power To Women Corporate Self Defense Workshop for Google Cloud’s Women Techmakers and entrepreneurs came across some girls/women who were so scared when we mentioned we were going to teach them Krav Maga Israeli Military Self defense, that they started walking backwards. We (Krystal & Priya) were not 6 feet tall muscular men but we were nearly the same size, age and body structure as most of these women. So why were they so scared? In our experience, most of these girls were not confident about their physical structure i.e., they believe they are not strong enough or have the physical size, strength or Read More